St Thomas More Catholic Academy & Sixth Form College

With grace and humility,
glorify the Lord by your life

Liturgy and prayer

At St Thomas More each form room has a poster displayed which is referred to this frequently during form time prayer. A new one is issued each month. 

The Lectionary is the collection of scripture readings the Church uses throughout the year.  We have a three year cycle A, B and our current year A Gospel readings particularly focus on the Gospel of St Matthew. The weekday readings at Mass follow a two year cycle – we are currently following cycle I.

The poster is green to represent the liturgical colour used by the Church during Ordinary time.

The theological virtue of hope is symbolized by the colour green, just as the burning fire of love or blood is symbolized by red. Green is the colour of growing things, and hope, like them, is always new and always fresh. Liturgically, green is the colour of Ordinary Time, the ordered sequence of weeks through the year, a season in which we are being neither penitent (in purple, Lent/Advent) nor overwhelmingly joyful (in white, Christmas/Easter).

During form prayer time, students refer to the cycle of prayer and the Saints Days as they occur.

We also promote the prayer intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Francis. By using this intention we are uniting ourselves with Catholics throughout the world, this is appropriate as the word ‘Catholic’ means universal. As our leader, he encourages to pray for particular intentions each month.

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