St Thomas More Catholic Academy & Sixth Form College

With grace and humility,
glorify the Lord by your life

House System

 The school has a fully embedded house competition system which involves Year 7 to 11 pupils. We have 6  houses which are named after prominent saints; Arrowsmith, Clitherow, Gennings, Kirby, Sherwin and Webster.

All our House Saints are part for the 40 English Martyrs who lost their lives defending the Catholic faith during the reformation. The 40 English martyrs all suffered horrible death, often being tortured and then hung, drawn and quartered, when their only crime was being a Catholic. Please click on the images below to find out more about them.

Each form is placed into a house and has a nominated male and female house captain from within the form.  Each form is represented in competitions from netball, languages, maths challenge and sports day to name but a few. 

Competitions go on throughout the school year culminating in an end of term activity morning for each year group, where they take part in a quiz, memory recall, poem and STM's got talent.   


Houses (ID 1219)

  • Gennings
    Saint Edmund Gennings
  • Arrowsmith
    Saint Edmond Arrowsmtih
  • Clitherow
  • Kirby
  • Sherwin
  • Webster