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Home Learning

The intention of Home Learning at STM is to enhance learning and support rapid progress in school, whilst ensuring that those students already identified as disadvantaged do not become further disadvantaged by not necessarily having access to a family structure, support, facilities or resources that others enjoy.  It places the responsibility on subject teachers to ensure that students have access to the full curriculum during lesson times and are signposted and guided sufficiently to a variety of extra resources.  It is imperative that no child is disadvantaged, or issued any form of punishment should they not be able to access this additional work. However, it is recognised that students who do engage with extra application will benefit from doing so, and should be rewarded. 

 Students should continue to practise and apply new skills and knowledge at home to ensure that learning is consolidated, applied and extended.  This will facilitate students developing positive learning habits and working towards becoming autonomous learners; a skill that will be essential as they progress through their GCSEs and onto future pathways.

KS3 home learning:

In KS3, home learning should be set weekly for all core subjects, Humanities and MFL, and fortnightly for the creative subjects; Art, IT, Music and Technology.

KS4 home learning:

In KS4, home learning should be set weekly in all subjects.

Home learning for each subject may take the form of:

Skill practice and application by completing additional exam questions linked to the topic they are learning in school

  • Revision/preparation for end of topic tests
  • Addressing any misconceptions class teachers may have highlighted by accessing additional resources provided by class teacher
  • Completing corrections or follow-on-tasks set by class teachers
  • Completing 'Challenge' tasks set by class teachers
  • Re-doing and re-submitting work that does not meet the expected standard, or grade
  • Wider reading or research linked to the topic that is being addressed in school
  • Preparatory work for future learning​
  • Watching the news and/or documentaries to get a wider understanding of local, national and global issues that link to learning
  • Discussing and debating learning with family members


There are a number of potential platforms to support this, for example:


  • Tasks set on Google Classroom
  • Google Form tasks
  • Hegarty Maths
  • Educake
  • Seneca Learning
  • BBC Bitesize
  • The Oak National Academy
  • Exam questions/papers