A level Results

We are delighted to announce excellent results again this year. The first year of a more robust and challenging examination system has not prevented us achieving a 99% pass rate at A level with a record number of A* grades at A level and BTEC.

Nearly 9 out of 10 students achieved a grade A*-C which demonstrates excellent progress from the starting points of these learners.

AS results match our best ever results which bodes well for the future of our current students moving into year 13. It is tremendous that over half of the grades at this level were grade A or B.

Once again we are expecting the percentage of students going to university to be around 90% with the number going to Russell group universities, including Cambridge, to be well above the national average.

Impressively, this is our third year of excellent results and we are proud of our students, staff and the parents who support our youngsters

A level headlines

Benchmark Results 2018
A*-C 86%
Average Points Score 37.6
Average Grade B-
Percentage of students in Higher Education 88%
Percentage of students in apprenticeships 8%
Percentage of students in Employment or training 4%
Not in education or employment N/A


Student progress compared to national figures 

A* to B grades at A level 59% National 53%
A* to C grades at A level 86% National 76%
Pass Rate 99%        National 98%
Year 13 retention rate 98%  
Year 12 to Year 13 retention rate 95%