William Wright - Year 12


My name is William Wright and I am currently taking Philosophy & Ethics, Computer Science and Business studies.

Hobbies include: Ice skating, fishing and rock climbing.

If you are from St Martins you would have known me as your previous head boy and, if you are not, you will know me as one of the head students along with the marvellous Oliver, Will and Elena. I have lived in Lichfield all my life and commute by train to get to St Thomas More. The greatest thing about St Thomas More for me is the close community and new mates I have made. In the first couple of months at the school, I had already gone fishing, visited art galleries/ museums in Birmingham and to gigs with people I had just met. 

If I was to give you one piece of advice it would be to enjoy the two years of education but always remember to keep on top of all your work. Constant revision throughout the year is much better than cramming halfway in the year.

I hope you have a fantastic start to St Thomas More Sixth Form!!!