Erin Broadhurst - Year 13

Hi! I’m Erin and I’ve just finished Year 13 at STM. I love theatre and true crime documentaries, and I have 5 pets – a dog called Olive and 4 rats. I studied English Language, Biology and Psychology at STM, as well as an AS in History. In October, I start a degree in Psychology and Linguistics at Oxford (wish me luck) with the dream to work in Forensic Psychology or Forensic Linguistics, but I am planning to take a Post Grad gap year to do humanitarian work. If I could share any words of wisdom it would be that A Levels are hard, so don’t be scared to find it difficult. Make your revision notes as soon as you learn something and don’t be scared to ask for help, the support system at STM is unreal. If there was anything I’d wished I’d known when I started, it’s how much of a family we are at STM. I was an internal student, but all my close friends are externals and the sense of community and closeness is unparalleled, so get stuck into all the embarrassing things they make you do, you’ll appreciate it in the end.