Will Russell – Year 12


Subjects: English Literature, RE, History

I hope you are all well and I would just like to wish you all the best for your transition into Year 12 at St Thomas More Sixth Form. I understand how the change can originally seem quite daunting - some of you may even be starting to study subjects that you haven’t ever studied before, as I did. Some of you may also not know anyone yet and, having been in that position myself , it is not abnormal to be somewhat anxious at first. However, I can say that, from my relatively short time at the sixth form so far, these worries were completely in vain. The environment of the entire community is tailored to help you adapt quickly and comfortably, and I am sure that you  will make new friends and reach academic achievements in next to no time. There are some great opportunities and experiences to be had here, and I encourage you all to really make the most of your time at the sixth form - once we eventually return.