Estere Manguze – Year 13


My name is Estere and I joined  St Thomas More Sixth Form in 2018. My family had just moved from Grantham, so I was the only person joining from my school, my town even. I began my A-Level journey studying Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and Psychology. However, I soon realised that Chemistry was not the subject for me, and I changed to Business. For the whole year I was convinced that I would drop Business, at the end of year 12, as I truly believed that I hated it. However, it slowly started to grow on me, and I ended up falling in love with the topics covered so much that I am now hoping to study Accounting and Finance at the University of Leeds. I ended up dropping Sociology and continued with Psychology, Business and Biology. 


Starting sixth from can seem like a terrifying aspect but I promise, you will be fine. The staff at St Thomas More will make sure of it. The amazing teaching power available at the sixth form made the big jump’ from GCSEs to A-Levels so seamless that I did not even notice it. Suddenly, I was just learning new things and it was not scary at all. Furthermore, whether you are coming to the sixth form with a group of friends or by yourself, you will be okay. The community spirit at the sixth from is incredible. From ice breaker activities and dances put on by staff will encourage people to  mix and you automatically make friends. It is very important to remember that everyone in your class will be in the same boat and will be open to making friends, so you will not be lonely. Additionally, although sixth form will of course be difficult, the staff always make sure that they also include fun in the mix, this means that events such as International day and barbecues will be taking place to make sure that the 2 years are not purely academic, mental health and happiness are viewed as very important and are always nurtured. Mrs. Patels famous quote work hard, play hard’ can be viewed as a motto and when used correctly, gets the grades (best grades in Nuneaton), whilst allowing you to create amazing memories during your two years at Thomas More. The most important thing is to consistently and continuously work hard.


When I first started sixth from, I chose Chemistry because my mum believed that would open doors for me career wise. However, I hated it and dropped it (thank you mum for being okay with that). I wish I knew that subject choices should have been purely down to my own decisions. A-Levels are hard and for you to have the motivation to do well you must be doing subjects that you enjoy. This means that what your parents want for you may not be whats best for you. So please, listen to your own voice when choosing subjects. Additionally, I wish I knew just how important work experience was. I left finding my work experience, for work experience week in July, to quite literally the last minute, although it worked out for me it was still not a smart choice. Up until my work experience week I was convinced that I would go into medicine, but I realised within the first day that I hated working in hospitals. This means that work experience is an important aspect to truly figuring out what you want to do in the future and seeing if your ideal job is truly meant for you. So please, fill in those blue forms for Mrs. Way as soon as possible and find relevant work experience to what you want to do in the future. Furthermore, I wish I knew that falling behind on work is not the end of the world. It happens to everyone; you dont have to stress yourself out about it. You will have time to catch up and you will not fail sixth form because you did not make revisions notes for a week . You will find the time; it will be okay even when you feel like you are drowning in work. Finally, I wish I knew sooner that it is okay to ask for help. It is very counterproductive to bottle everything up and only seek help after you have cried on the sofas. If you are finding something hard or struggling with anything at all (school based or family /friends) find your teachers and speak to them. The teachers at St Thomas More are the loveliest people and they will go out of their way to make everything better for you. They will always be there to support you and have a hot chocolate with you whilst talking everything through. Talking helps, staying in your own head does not.