Ellen Stratton – Year 12


Hi, I’m Ellen and I am a current year 12 student at St Thomas More. I chose to study at St Thomas More because I had such a positive experience in the main school. I study Biology Chemistry and English literature, because I find science interesting but have always had a passion for English. Once I started, I realised that Chemistry would be my most challenging subject. Within the first couple of weeks I almost decided to stop studying chemistry and study a different subject instead, but I am so glad that I didn’t. I realised that it is normal to find your new subjects a challenge at the start of the year and that it takes a few weeks to adjust to A level work. I also realised that it is really important to speak to your teachers if you need them to go over something again – they never mind, and it is crucial that you understand everything that you are learning so that you won’t have any problems when it comes to revising topics.

 I would definitely advise new students to use time in free periods productively. At the start of the year it can be tempting to just use them to chat to your friends but if you don’t use them to revise lesson work then you will quickly fall behind. 

What I wish I had known at the start of the year is that it is important to revise topics as you learn them and keep your notes organised in folders. This way, you won’t have to try and make new notes and revise everything all at once when you come to study for a test. This makes everything much less stressful in the long run. I have really enjoyed year 12 and the independence you get learning in sixth form, and as long as you work hard and use time productively, you will avoid feeling stressed and achieve the grades you want.