Bradley Nolan - Year 13


I started in sixth form knowing exactly what I wanted to do afterwards, aiming for a degree in Medicine. This meant that the tough part for me wasn’t trying to decide like most people but rather the journey to get there. I studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology which were the standard subjects needed for me to get where I wanted to go. The staff at the college provided me with so much information about the steps I needed to take in order to increase my chances of getting into Uni, from volunteering opportunities to work experience, all of which were crucial for me to get an offer. The staff went out of their way to check on the progress of absolutely everything and will push you hard  -there is no doubt about it and I certainly wouldn’t be here without it. If I was to give some bits of advice it would be this. Take everyone’s advice because they’re all there to help you. Use other students as resources especially year 13’s because they have all just been through what your about to go through. Finally try to research what you want to do, because any information about things you can do to improve your chances in the future is essential.