All day revision conference

Rebecca Way

Our A- Level Sociologists attended an all-day revision conference in Birmingham.

There, they had the opportunity to be involved in several academic sessions designed to cement their knowledge on various parts  of the specification , including Theories and Methods and Methods in Context.

Sessions were engaging and interactive, including music quizzes and games. Students participation was highly encouraged, and Mrs John and I were delighted to see so many of our students volunteer (and be picked on !) to answer questions in front of a very full lecture theatre.

Many of our students offered some really good points and showed off their excellent knowledge and understanding, including valuable contributions from Ashley Bonser, Faye Leake, Cassie Hollis, Becky Way, Tom Van Damme and Ollie Grainger to name but a few. We were really proud of not only our students knowledge, but their excellent attitude and maturity when we had to change rooms due to overbooking – our students were highly impressive at moving very quickly between venues to guarantee us good seats !!

All in all, this was a useful experience, with all students taking away something from the day. Myself and Mrs John would like to take this opportunity to say to our year 13 sociologists that it has been a pleasure working with them for the last year, and that we wish them every success in the next stage of their journeys – we will miss them very much.

Miss Lowe and Mrs John.