English Language A level

Awarding body: OCR

Course entry requirement: GCSE grade 5 in English Language.

Sixth Form Curriculum English LanguageCourse description: This course offers a scientific approach to the study of English Language encouraging students to develop new skills in this subject as well as further those which they have developed at GCSE. It will involve data analysis, original writing, discursive essays, research and investigative writing, critical reading and sustaining arguments. In addition there is the expectation that students will further their knowledge of the subject through independent wider reading.

Qualification: AS Method of assessment: Examination

Duration: 1 year course 

Specification and units of study:

Specification no.: H070

Paper 1: Exploring Language

1hr 30min examination, 50% of AS level

Paper 2: Exploring Contexts

1hr 30min examination, 50% of AS level

Qualification: A level

Method of assessment: Examination and coursework

Duration: 2 year course

Specification and units of study: Specification no.: H470

Paper 1: Exploring Language

2hr 30min examination, 40% of A-Level

Paper 2: Dimensions of Linguistic Variatio

2hr 30min examination, 40% of A-Level

Independent Language Research, Non-Exam Assessment, 20% of A-Level

Opportunities for progression and career prospects:

Having A-Level English can offer you a host of employment opportunities, as well as giving you a distinct advantage when applying to universities. Having a qualification at A-Level in this subject is beneficial in any career whilst giving you the skills required to produce a well-written C.V. and cover letter, which can often make the difference between you and another candidate.

Almost any career can be accessed with A-Level English, however career opportunities that require English Language include journalism, columnist, screenwriter, editors, teaching, with several other careers, particularly in the media and publishing industries, where having English is a huge advantage.