Art and Design A/S level

Awarding body:

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA)

Qualification: A/S and A Level

Method of assessment:

Assessment is by coursework and an externally set assignment.

Course entry requirement:

Students must have taken Art GCSE and have achieved a grade 5 in GCSE ART

Course description and what it will be like:

This course is fine art based and includes observational study, the opportunity to explore a range of media, photography and computer imaging. It is carefully structured and students will learn how to use appropriate techniques and approaches to explore their own ideas. Initially students will work together in the form of a skills based project at the start of A/S (September – October).

Sixth Form Curriculum Art and DesignDuring this period students will refine already visited media from GCSE and will also be introduced to the use of new media, the introduction of new styles in drawing, painting and sculpture, and new methods of scaling up and observational work. These key skills prove to be invaluable as students work on their own projects during A/S and A2.

As the course continues through to the end of unit 4, there is continued support and guidance throughout as students are encouraged to be independent practitioners within the subject.

New media is continually introduced to the group throughout A/S and A2. Current issues within the world, political, non-political and regarding art and design are also continually visited and discussed as a group to ensure projects and styles of the students work is relevant to the modern world and our society.

Students will have 5 periods a week in the studio to work under guidance on their own ideas. The art studio is also available to all art students during study periods as continued independent work is produced. There will be trips and residencies to help expand their ideas. This course develops on from the GCSE Art course encouraging more independent exploration.

Specification and Units of Study:

AS level Candidates take Units 1 and 2

A2 level Candidates take Units 3 and 4

Unit 1: Coursework Portfolio 25%

Unit 2: Externally set assignment, 25% Controlled Assessment

Unit 3: Personal Investigation, 25%

Unit 4: Externally set assignment, 25% Terminal Examination

Opportunities for Progression and Career Prospects:

Art students can go on to a foundation course and then a degree course or straight into an Art degree course. A variety of courses are offered such as Fine Art, Textile Design, Furniture Design, Landscape Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Architecture and Film.

Fashion and car design, television and film, stage design, exhibition work, graphic designers, illustrators for books, newspapers and magazines, teaching, advertising, photography and fine art, to name but a few.