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Behaviour Policy

At St Thomas More Catholic School & Sixth Form College, we have very high expectations not only of pupils' academic standards but also of their behaviour. The starting point of our expectations is the basic Christian premise that all individuals are equal in the eyes of God and that all, therefore, are worthy of respect. The attitude of all staff towards pupils is based upon this principle. Similarly, this attitude is one that we seek to foster within pupils and in or expectation of their behaviour towards all staff and towards each other.

At St Thomas More Catholic School & Sixth Form College, there is a system of rules to encourage good standards of behaviour amongst pupils. These rules are simple and accentuate the positive. They are based on Christian beliefs and are geared towards developing a community spirit within the school where everyone in the school can work towards developing their God-given talents and abilities to the fullest

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Behaviour Policy

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Charging and Remissions

The Governors policy on the charging for and the remission of charges for school activities is based upon the fundamental principle that all education for pupils at the school should be free of charge, as far as possible, if it takes place during school hours.

Voluntary contributions for certain activities will be invited on occasions as is permitted by the 1988 Education Act. The Governors full policy on charging covers five separate areas, Public Examinations, Tuition in the Playing of Musical Instruments, Residential Trips deemed to take place in school hours, Optional Extras and Voluntary Contributions.

Charging and Remission Policy

Support and SEN policy

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report

If you would like information about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities for Warwickshire Local Authority, please follow the link\send

This policy has been written in line with the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs (DfES 2001).

A central part of the school’s mission statement is that all pupils are valued equally. This relates to pupils of all abilities and disabilities, of both sexes, from all cultures.

The school seeks to ensure that all pupils reach their potential and that achievement at all levels of formal assessment and examination is recognised.

All pupils, regardless of levels of attainment, should have equal access to the National Curriculum at KS3 and an appropriate curriculum at KS4. Full involvement in all school activities is encouraged and expected.

The school aims to use its staffing and resources in the most effective way possible to help pupils with special educational needs, recognising that all staff need appropriate training to be able to help pupils achieve their potential.

Special Educational Needs Policy

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