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RE & Personal Development Faculty

Personal Development

Subject Intent: 

Academic and personal success is only possible from a foundation of resilience, self-confidence, social and personal awareness and emotional intelligence.  This is the basis of the personal development curriculum at St Thomas More.  Our curriculum, designed to ensure that mental health and wellbeing, PSHEE (Physical, Social, Health and Economic Education), and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) are afforded the time and importance needed to cradle a safe and healthy learning career for all pupils.  Personal development, delivered fortnightly by tutors and supported by outside speakers allows a safe space for pupils to ask questions and examine ‘learning for life’ experiences that will help our pupils to get through the ebb and flow of growing up, and move into adulthood as well minded young people prepared for modern society.

Pupils will have the opportunity to learn about key British Values such as rights and responsibilities, to investigate laws, justice and democracy, and to respect different cultures and identities.  Within these concepts the processes of critical thinking, decision making, working with others, self-development, enterprise and taking informed and responsible action will be explored.

Overview of Personal Development:

The Personal Development curriculum draws on statutory guidelines whilst also addressing the needs of our local community.  In addition to the below topics, pupils will explore careers education and Relationship and Sex Education in each year.

In year 7 pupils get the opportunity to explore issues surrounding settling into school life such as anxiety and resilience, friendships, bullying, road safety and health & hygiene.

In year 8 pupils investigate living a healthy life; examining smoking, eating disorders and self-harm; making the right choice – the justice system and family conflicts; and exploring business.

In year 9 pupils get the chance to debate current legal issues such as the legalisation of drugs and knife crime; developing financial awareness and tolerance in our diverse society.

In years 10 and 11 pupils will consider addiction looking at gambling and alcohol addiction, future choices as well as exploring stress (including examination pressures) and how to manage stress effectively.

In the current climate pupils in all years are having a greater focus on developing their own resilience and supporting their own mental health.  In addition pupils are being guided in revision and learning techniques that support their learning at home for their future success and in the case of any further national or local school closures.

Relationships and Sex Education

In line with guidance from the Catholic Education Service, St Thomas More uses TenTen’s RSE programme ‘Life to the Full’.  Life to the Full teaches Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Catholic Church.   The teaching includes lessons on puberty, personal hygiene, fertility, menstruation, family and friends, sexual intimacy, delaying sex, an understanding of the body, sexuality, marriage, gender, online relationships, social media, consent, grooming, pressure, STIs, contraception and natural family planning, abortion/miscarriage, the effect of drugs and alcohol on relationships, pornography and sexual exploitation. The programme will be fully inclusive of all students.

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