The Maths & Business Faculty


Subject Intent: 

In mathematics we aspire to develop learners with the skills required to analyse, evaluate and problem solve; inspiring creativity and giving them the independence to review approaches and solutions in all aspects of their lives. We continually strive to promote ‘buy in’ to maths by aligning the national curriculum with current and relevant contexts, whilst increasing our pupils’ capacity for financial literacy, thus allowing them to make informed and effective decisions with their future financial resources. We will:

  • Provide all learners with the knowledge they need for subsequent learning and provide deeper understanding of concepts; giving learners the skills they require to connect previous learning to new knowledge, freeing up working memory and preparing for future learning.
  • Deliver challenging lessons which improve comprehension through context.
  • Provide frequent opportunities during lessons to interleave topics, linking new information to prior understanding, to increase retention and promote a deeper understanding of mathematical connections. 
  • Develop our learners’ knowledge which is transferable to other subjects, future employability and lifelong skills.
  • Provide learners with frequent opportunities to develop skills they need to process unseen questions, work beyond what is covered in lessons and become proactive role models.

Course Overview:

The Exam board and unit list for:



Course Overview: 

GCSE Mathematics- Edexcel

GCSE Statistics (option subject)- Edexcel

A-Level Mathematics- Edexcel

A-Level Further Mathematics- Edexcel

Course  Detail:

Key stage 3 and 4

Our mathematic course will follow six main areas

1 Number

2 Algebra

3 Ratio, proportion and rates of change

4 Geometry and measures

5 Probability

6 Statistics

As every student studies Mathematics, the course is tailed to meet the needs of every learner. GCSE Mathematics has a Foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 – 9).


Key stage 5

The course is split into pure mathematics which is two-thirds of the course and the remainder is Statistics and Mechanics.

Enrichment Opportunities

Some of the enrichment opportunities we offer are:

UK maths challenge

Bletchley park code breakers day

Maths LIVE! At Disney Land Paris

Peter Jones Tycoon Enterprise Competition

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