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Subject Intent:

‘’In history lie all the secrets to life and leadership.” (Winston Churchill). History teaches you to think about the modern world and why is it the way it is.  Students acquire global awareness and understanding through history. In History students study some of the major turning points of British History since the Year 1000.  This is because we want to tell the story of Britain and why it become the democratic and multicultural country that it is today.  We also study the history of the twentieth century in greater depth because this was when today's modern world was formed.  We have a major emphasis on constructing arguments and evaluating evidence, because these are the most relevant skills that History teaches which will equip students for the modern world.  We look for the evidence behind every statement. We question the supposed truth, in search of the truth. We challenge the conventional. We question the accepted view. That is what makes a good historian.

Course Overview:

The Exam board and unit list for:



GCSE Exam Board: 2021 cohort OCR, 2022 cohort onwards AQA

GCSE Unit List: 8145

A-Level Exam Board: OCR

A-Level Unit List: H505

Course  Detail:

Key stage 3:

Early people migration, Challenges to Monarchy, Growth of Parliament, How life changed in Britain, Working class movements, Empire and slavery, Civil Rights in the USA, 20th century Britain, Holocaust


Key stage 4:

Norman England, Health and People, World War I ,Germany 1890-1945 Democracy and dictatorship


Key stage 5:

You will uncover the social and political History of Great Britain, Russia and the USA to provide you with a contrasting understanding of why the world is the way it is today.  You will learn to critically appraise the radical changes which have occurred and develop a deep appreciation of the lessons of the past

British period study and enquiry: England 1547–1603:the Later Tudors

Non-British period study:  Russia 1894–1941Thematic study and historical interpretations: Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992 Topic based essay and independent Investigation of student choice