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Subject:     MFL


Subject Intent: 



The MFL curriculum aims to provide a freedom from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. It will foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. Teaching will enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing. It will also provide opportunities for them to communicate for practical purposes, learn new ways of thinking and read great literature in its original language. The teaching of languages within the faculty will provide the foundation for learning further languages too, equipping pupils to study and work in other countries. It will develop self-confidence and break down previous misconceptions, developing pupils into well-rounded compassionate and empathic members of society. Schemes of Learning Curriculum Maps have been re-written at KS3 in line with the new demands of GCSE and the reduced 2-year curriculum. By the end of Key stages 3 and 4 pupils will understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources. They will speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity, finding ways of communicating what they want to say, through discussion and asking questions, and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation. Pupils will be able to write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt. They will discover and develop an

appreciation of a range of writing in the target language. 

Course Overview:  The Exam board and unit list for:




GCSE Exam Board: Edexcel

GCSE Unit List: Listening  25%

                            Speaking  25%

                            Reading  25%

                            Writing  25%


Course Detail: 

Key content students will cover.


Key stage 3: Self, Friends, Family and Pets



                       Local Area



                       Sports and Leisure

                       Life in Francophone Countries

                       France and Other Countries

                       Entertainment and Advertising


                      Teenager Issues

                      A Balanced Diet

                      Parties and Festivals



                      Jobs and Ambitions


Key stage 4: Identity and Culture


                       Local Area, Holiday and Travel

                       Study and Work

                       International and Global Dimension


Enrichment opportunities

Annual trip to France/Spain

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Learning any language helps you broaden your understanding of people from other cultures, nationalities and walks of life.

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