English Faculty



Subject Intent:

For the English Faculty, one of our main aims is to not only deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum where students are supported and challenged in order to make the best possible progress, but also to foster a lifelong passion for reading by giving them the opportunity to engage with a wide range of texts.


Students study a range of fiction and non-fiction, covering a variety of genres and literary periods. By looking at English across time, we are able to not only study the evolution of language, but also how changing social and historical contexts have influenced literature and its impact  on the audiences of their time. In turn, this helps students to consider the way we perceive our modern world, and the Catholic values that we uphold. The study of texts is also used to develop writing and oracy skills from the start of KS3 building a strong foundation of skills for further study.

Course Overview:

  • OCR A Level English Language (Course code H470)
    • AQA A Level English Literature (Course code 7712) Core Content: Love Through the Ages & Modern Times
    • GCSE English Language (Course code 8700)
  • GCSE English Literature (Course code 8702)