PIXL Literature and Hegarty Maths

Revision apps and sites to help Year 11 students

We have now introduced these revision apps/sites to all Year 11 students, to boost their revision in these key subjects. Below is some guidance to enable students to use the apps/sites. Please encourage your son/daughter to use them.


1. The app can be downloaded onto smartphones/tablets

2. Just search for Pixl Lit in the app store and download for free!

3. The app can also be used on a PC through the internet. Just google Pixl lit app and on the GET STARTED page pick DESKTOP FLASH APP.

Login details
School ID: TM2253 
Your ID: Surname and first initial (leave out apostrophes or dashes)

4. The password has been set to "Password" for everyone

5. On first login you will be prompted to change your password to something more personal.

6. You also need to set an e mail address which will be used to retrieve a forgotten password.

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Hegarty Maths

1. Log in to the website - HegartyMaths

2. Click Student Login in the top right corner and then search for your school name.

3. Insert your first name, last name and date of birth.

4. Follow the instructions and choose a password.