Mathematics is taught in a suite of five teaching rooms and one ICT suite. All teachers within the department are subject specialists. The ICT suite is also available before school, at break time and lunchtime for pupils who wish to complete homework tasks. The department works closely with the SEN department to develop a good working knowledge of any pupils who may experience difficulties. We have Teaching Assistant support within our two lower sets in each year.

Teaching is supported by specific texts but takes other formats too using ICT, puzzles, and a variety of interactive tasks and worksheets

The Maths department likes to reward success and does so through good logbook comments and postcards home.


All Pupils in KS3 receive 7 hour long lessons over the two week cycle. In years 7 and 8 at least one of these will be taken in our ICT suite. In year 7 pupils are taught within 3 bands. Pupils are set according to ability but in this year the sets are quite broad with 1 top set, 3 middle sets and 2 lower ability sets. In year 8 the setting is more stringent with pupils being placed in groups 1-6. This format continues into year 9.

All groups are taught according to the National Curriculum. Pupils cover Schemes of work which include the four main areas of Mathematics; Number, Algebra, Shape and Space and Data Handling. Their learning at this stage forms the basis of their future GCSE studies.


Mathematics is a compulsory GCSE subject and students will follow the Edexcel specification

Course Outline

GCSE mathematics will follow six main areas

1 Number

2 Algebra

3 Ratio, proportion and rates of change

4 Geometry and measures

5 Probability

6 Statistics

You will follow a course matched to your ability GCSE Mathematics has a Foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 – 9).

Assessment Method

100% written assessment – This is divided between three exams both taken at the end of the course. One paper is a non-calculator paper and two are calculator papers. The results will be also graded under the new 1-9 system.

Post 16 Opportunities and Careers

GCSE mathematics at grade C or above is required by most universities for further study on the majority of their courses. Successful completion of GCSE Mathematics will allow progression to A Level Mathematics and mathematics related courses.

Main School Pupils 2STATISTICS

During Year 10 the more able students have the opportunity to study an additional GCSE in Statistics (exam in June). This exam includes a controlled assessment piece worth 25% of the final mark.


hagerty maths

We are introducing an exciting home learning maths programme this year to support maths revision and homework for every student. The system aims to; motivate students, engage with parents and to improve attainment in maths for every student.

The programme will also help parents and carers to understand the concepts taught in school.

The system teaches via short videos followed by online assessments which are monitored and tracked by your child’s Maths teacher.  

Your child will receive one or two homeworks a week from the HegartyMaths platform and each homework can take up to one hour to complete properly.   Your child may complete more work should they wish.  The HegartyMaths homework will consist of two main parts:

1) Watching and taking detailed notes in their homework book 

2) Completing quiz/assessment that follows the video showing full working in their homework books.

Every week your child’s teacher will set a task based on their classwork with a focus on the quality of work. A key element of this programme is that it is self-assessed which encourages students to take responsibility for their learning, identify areas to develop and to make corrections. This will establish effective habits and help to develop greater confidence with mathematical concepts as well as removing any fear of Maths.

We believe this system has the potential to make a positive difference to all of our students and we really value your support. Further details about the programme as well as practical information such as how to log on, can be found on our website.  Every Maths teacher will explain how the system will work over the next few weeks but please get in touch if you have any questions.

Mr Ireland

Head of Maths and Business