There are two specialist Geography rooms. They both contain a projector and networked computers. However we still value the resources and facilities provided by the library for research based tasks. The rooms are used both at break and lunch times to support homework. Stored within the department are cameras and a video recorder for developing news items and media presentations. A range of fieldwork equipment is also being expanded. The environment is maintained to enhance and support  the learning experience with student centred displays on walls and common areas.

We work closely with our support teachers to deliver a curriculum that is appropriate for all abilities. Enrichment is provided by the utilisation of the local area and areas further afield for fieldwork and outdoor education. Venues include Nuneaton, Castleton, Dovedale and more recently a combined visit with PE, exploring the opportunities for regeneration and sport in the North West and East End of London. We are also keen to expand our use of outside agencies, such as Tropical Inc.


At Key stage three students are taught in two broad ability bands. Our study of Geography hopes to explore the physical and human features of our very diverse planet and the interactions between these two components. Our investigations are presented at a range of scales, developing a sense of place and an understanding of the processes that shape and change the world that we live in. We would hope to develop a sensitivity and empathy with communities in other parts of the world living with very different cultures and life experiences. Geography is a very contemporary subject and the technologies available to us within the department help us to keep up with events in an ever changing world. Some of our module titles include Investigating Skills. Can I be a geography detective? Forest Landscapes, Friend or Foe? Energy, should we switch on or off? Fashion and Sport, why is our world shrinking?

We would hope to develop investigative and enquiry skills, so that students can make decisions based on informed opinions. Independent work, paired work and team work feature strongly in our delivery.


Why choose A GCSE in Geography?

The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next 50 years than it has ever done before. Geography explains why, and helps to prepare you for those changes. If you enjoy studying Geography – carry on studying it! You are more likely to obtain your best results in a subject you enjoy.

What will I study?

Physical Geography

The challenge of natural hazards.

Physical landscapes in the UK.

The living world.

Human Geography

Urban issues and challenges.

The changing economic world.

The challenge of resource management.

Geographical Skills Fieldwork – 2 days

Who would this course suit?

Students who have a genuine interest in the physical and human world around them. These skills would be useful; problem solving and decision making, a spatial and locational understanding, communication abilities and an independent and enquiring mind.

How will I learn?

Lessons are well resourced from a variety of sources including online sources, up to date text books, current news items and video clips.

There will be opportunities for independent learning and research, these may be computer based. Some activities will require an approach that uses paired learning or group work. In all situations students will be expected to share and communicate ideas within a small group and with the wider audience of the classroom.

There will be regular homework tasks which will consolidate learning and contribute to the whole units that you will be studying.

Your teacher will be your lead resource but not the only one!!!

You Will

  • Make  concise reports
  • Handle data
  • Ask questions and find answers 
  • Make decisions about current issues
  • Respond to sources
  • Analyse material
  • Organise yourself
  • Think creatively and independently
  • Work as a team   

How will my work be assessed?

Within the classroom - Work will be assessed through interim and end of unit assessments. There will be opportunities for peer assessment. Self-assessment and reflection.

External assessment.

  • Exam
  • Paper 1 - Physical. 1 hour 30 minutes-35%
  • Paper 2 - Human 1 hour 30 minutes-35%
  • Paper 3. Fieldwork.1 hour. 30%


How can I use this course after Year 11/ in the future?

Geography provides a well-respected route way into a variety of post 16 courses and A Level Geography.

Geography can take you to university to study for directly related careers such as;

  • Cartographer.
  • Commercial/residential surveyor.
  • Environmental consultant.
  • Geographical information systems officer.
  • Planning and development surveyor.
  • Secondary school teacher.
  • Town planner.
  • Weather reader