Music is taught at all key stages. There is also a programme of extracurricular events which take place at lunchtimes during the school week. There are regular concerts throughout the school year including a Christmas Service, Spring/Summer Concert and other events such as a GCSE Showcase and fundraising events. Small groups of pupils also take part in the Warwickshire County Music Chamber Music Festival.


Music is taught in years 7, 8 and 9. There are two hour long lessons for Years 7 and 9 and year 8 have a one every fortnight. Year 7 and 9 have a mixture of practical and ICT based theory lessons. Year 9 have the added advantage of studying the Trinity Guildhall theory of music syllabus incorporated into their regular music lessons. This will help with their study if they decide to take GCSE Music in years 10 and 11 and they also have the opportunity of taking external examinations in theory of they want (subject to parental permission, fees and availability).


Why choose A GCSE in Music:

The GCSE Music course covers a broad and inspiring curriculum based on the three main elements – performing (30%), composing (30%) and listening and appraising (40%). 

Who would this course suit?

This course would suit students who have instrumental lessons either in or outside school. It is also aimed at pupils who have enjoyed playing in the classroom and wish to move up to the next level.

How will I learn?

You will learn through reading and writing music but more importantly, through playing music. The more difficult the music you play, the higher the marks you get. You will compose two different pieces of music in contrasting styles.

The playing will be reinforced by the different styles of music that you study. These include rock anthems, voices in pop, the baroque style, Indian Bhangra, Calypso and much more.

GCSE Music is an exciting and enjoyable course.

How will my work be assessed?

Your work will be assessed throughout the course. You will have a listening and theory examination at the end of Year 9.

How can I use this course after Year 11/ in the future?

Music is a subject that can be a life-long gift. It can be something that you share with friends and family or you can go on to ‘A’ level and degree level. A GCSE in music also gives you the opportunity to be involved in other Performing Arts activities.

If I want to know more I should ask

Mr Roxburgh, Third in Faculty (The Arts, PE and Technology)