Why choose A GCSE in Drama:

Drama GCSE is not just about acting but it is also focuses on establishing lifelong skills such as leadership, management and team skills.  The course will entail a variety of both practical and written components so that there is a good varied balance about the process of creating drama.  The main aim of the course is to allow students to study both the practical elements of performing but also understand the theoretical and historical elements of producing a play. Students will also have to watch a live performance where they will critically assess and evaluate actors’ ability to convey meaning to an audience. Design options are available, but this is not always viable as it is dependent of resources available.

What will I study?

You will study a variety of topics such as practitioner workshops to presenting devised drama. There will be a study of a set text which will encompass part of the written examination as well as a response to a piece of live theatre. Part of the study will be presenting performances both to a live audience as well as to an examiner.

Who would this course suit?

The course is aimed for those who have a passion for acting and performing but also for students who may consider a career in the business management world. Leadership skills are at the crux of this course so that you can confident lead others when producing a group project.

How will I learn?

You will learn both practical and theoretical elements of theatre concepts. This will enable yourself to apply your knowledge in a practical context as well as taking on board the role as a devisor.

How will my work be assessed?

Assessments are broken down into three components –

  • Component 1: Devised Drama
  • Component 2: Presentation of a Text
  • Component 3: Drama: Performance and Response



Controlled Assessment for course work


Unit 1

January 2019

Mock Devised Assessment

8 weeks

Unit 1

June 2019

Devised Assessment & Portfolio 8 weeks
Unit 2

September 2019

Mock Performance of Drama Extract

12 weeks

Unit 2

January 2020

Performance of Drama Examination

12 weeks

Unit 3

June 2020

Final Written Examination  

How can I use this course after Year 11/ in the future?

When looking at A-Level courses this subject will support your studies within A-Level English, Media and Theatre Studies. As a career path this will enhance your ability to lead and manage teams effectively; set up independence within the business world and your ability to communicate with customers as well as others around you. Career paths may include law, business and education.

If I want to know more I should ask:

Mr Neale, Year 10 & Year 11 Drama students