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Our Careers Leader is Ms Vicki Way. If you have any queries about careers, higher education or work experience please contact her on 02476 642400 or

Link governor is Mr.Phillip Richardson (Chair of the ESC)

Prospects offers impartial information; advice and guidance to young people aged 13-19.

Elaine Wainwright

My name is Elaine Wainwright and I am the Careers Adviser based in St Thomas More. I will be working with St Thomas More students throughout the year in school. Students can contact me by calling into the schools Careers Room in the library, via Mr Burton or their form tutors. Parents can contact me via my mobile, by contacting school, at school parent’s evenings and at review meetings for students with special educational needs. 

How to contact Elaine Wainwright

If you wish to contact me to discuss how I can help your son/daughter please call me on 07702862225 or email:

Keep on Learning – Raising the Participation Age

The Government has increased the age to which all young people in England must continue in education or training. This means pupils starting from September 2013 onwards will need to continue until at least their 18th birthday. 

This does not mean young people must stay in school. They will able to choose from:
Full-time education (e.g. at a school sixth form or college) an apprenticeship or trainee ship

Part-time education or training combined with one of the following:

Employment or self-employment for 20 hours or more a week
Volunteering for 20 hours or more a week

To find out exactly what this means and who it will affect please either speak to your Careers Adviser in school or visit Or on the individual providers website. A session will be allocated in school for all Yr11students to make their applications. This usually happens at the end of Autumn term.


Need help with finance?

Discretionary Learner support is available in colleges and sixth forms to help with learning costs. The funds are prioritised for those who face financial hardship. The funds are available directly from your college or learning provider so you will have to apply direct to them. Each college and learning provider has its own application process. For more information speak to your Careers Adviser or direct to the college/learning provider you are applying to.

What to expect from a Careers Interview

Copies of the above booklets are available from the Careers Centre. Please call in and collect.

please check individual websites for more details.

We measure and assess the impact of the careers provision at the school by:-

fortnightly meeting with the Principal and Careers lead
student questionnaires on 
                                                 work experience
                                                 mock interviews
staff questionnaires on class provision of careers
review of work termly by compass tracker for Gatsby benchmarks
termly review with Careers advisor (prospects)
questionnaire and feedback from external providers eg. Careers Fair
review impact in regards Holy Spirit Experience.

Date of next review : Annually October Half Term