PSHE and C


Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship lessons are part of the curriculum entitlement of all pupils. In all Year groups P.S.H.E and C. seeks to supplement and enrich the whole curriculum.

P.S.H.E and C. curriculum has a major role to play in meeting the needs of the pupils in this school. Through the curriculum we aim to develop skills and attitudes which will enable pupils to develop into confident, caring and compassionate young people.

The curriculum is based on the Every Child Matters outcomes of:- Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and achieve, Make a positive contribution and Achieve economic well being. The curriculum also encourages the pupils to develop the Social and Emotional Aspects of learning outlined as :- self awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Through work in P.S.H.E. the pupils will be involved in Personal well-being and Economic well-being and financial capability as set out in the non statutory guidelines for P.S.H.E.

In Citizenship, pupils will be encouraged to take an interest in topical issues, to learn about their rights and responsibilities, to investigate laws, justice and democracy, and to respect different cultures and identities as set out in the end of Key Stage 3 statement for Citizenship and the guidelines for Citizenship at Key Stage 4.

Within these concepts the processes of critical thinking, decision making, working with others, self development, enterprise and taking informed and responsible action will be encouraged.


The curriculum is divided into short modules of work usually lasting a maximum of half a term. Some aspects of the curriculum are taught through special theme days. The curriculum also seeks guidance and support from outside agencies and experts when applicable.

Currently Year 7’s study units of work on:- Settling in to our school, Bullying, Fire Awareness, Drugs Awareness, Environmental issues, and Healthy Lifestyles

Year 8’s study units of work on:- Enterprise issues – “The Apprentice”, Theft, First Aid and Safety, You and your body – Smoking, Jobs, Road Safety and Vandalism

Year 9’s study units of work on:- Alcohol Awareness, Citizenship and the law, Careers Options at 14+, Managing your Money, Enterprise Issues, Drugs Awareness, Road Safety and Politics.


The curriculum for Key Stage 4 is also divided into short modules of work.

Currently in Year 10 pupils study units of work on:- Preparing for K.S. 4, Health Issues, Transition skills, Applications and C.V’s, Britain: A Diverse Society, Cancer Awareness, Parenting Skills, Enterprise Challenges, Global Issues, Road Safety and Preparing for Work Experience.

Year 11’s study units of work on:- Completing Applications for F.E and work, Mock Interviews, Option choices at 16+, Moral Issues, Driving and Safety Awareness, and Personal Revision.


At Key Stage 3 pupils are assessed by their tutors at the end of each unit of work. Pupils complete work which is marked and graded against the end of key stage statements and guidance for P.S.H.E. and C. At the end of K.S. 3 pupils are expected to be attaining an average of Level 5/6.

Pupils at K.S 3 and 4 all receive termly online updates of progress and one full written report that goes to parents


The P.S.H.E. and C. Department is led by the P.S.H.E. and C. Co-ordinator. Mr D Campbell - email

Pupils at Key Stage 3 and 4 are taught in mixed ability groups by their Form Tutor. P.S.H.E. and C. lessons are timetabled on a weekly basis for 1 hour sessions. This lesson is on a weekly rotation.