Welcome from the Principal

A very warm welcome to St Thomas More Catholic Academy and Sixth Form College 
I am proud to be the Principal of this wonderful, faith filled school community where our mission is to help students grow to become disciples of Jesus Christ following His love.  
At St Thomas More, we support students on their journey of faith as they prepare to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives to serve the ‘common good’. We provide an exciting curriculum for all young people and celebrate students’ academic and personal achievements. Our GCSE and A Level results speak for themselves and are a testament to the high quality learning experience we offer.
We have exceptionally high standards in all aspects of our work at St Thomas More and all staff in the school are committed to ensuring that we develop students to show resilience and determination whilst being the best that they can be, in all they do. We insist on considerate behaviour which creates a safe and highly effective learning environment for all members of the school community.  We encourage students to make the most of the spiritual, creative, cultural and sporting opportunities that we offer as part of the Holy Spirit Experience.
We create a culture of tolerance where people of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished. Rooted in the Gospel values, our simple message to students is ‘Be kind’. We expect all students to show tolerance, understanding and respect for one another and the adults who support them every day in school. We expect students to be in school every day and on time, to work hard and to be responsible.  
The staff at St Thomas More are fully committed to safeguarding all students in the school and work relentlessly to ensure that students leave school equipped with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a fast paced, ever changing global society.  
As a school , we are proud to be part of the Holy Spirit MAC and promote a spirit of charity, social justice and compassion for others leading to practical outreach and partnerships. We want our students to recognise and support the needs of those who are vulnerable in our school and wider community.  
Visitors to our school will be greeted with a friendliness and warmth where they will see positive relationships between staff and students.  We look forward to welcoming you to St Thomas More!  
May God bless our school community. 
Leearna Thomas