Pastoral Team

Pastoral Care at STM

We pride ourselves in taking care of our students by involving early intervention to maximise students’ development both academically and socially as well as spiritually.

Your child will be looked after in the first instance by their Form Tutor who they will see on a daily basis and then by their Head of Year.

Heads of Year


Chris Goodings

Chris Goodings

Head of Year 11

Adam McNeil

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Head of Year 10

Hannah Daley

Hannah Daley
Head of Year 9

Katie Fry

Katie Fry
Head of Year 8
Mathew Clipsham
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Head of Year 7

Amita Patel

Temporary Head of Sixth Form

Vicki Way

Temporary Head of Year 12 and 13

Pastoral Hub

The Pastoral Hub provides additional support for students who need extra emotional support to help come into school and enjoy their time here.  The pastoral support workers help them by creating a safe space during the school day and advice on how to cope with the issues they face.  These include attending school, anxiety and relationships with others.

 Liz McSweeney  Natalie Moore

Liz McSweeney

Family Support Officer

Learning Mentors

The learning mentors support and challenge students who are falling behind in their studies.  They do this by looking at their performance across the curriculum and identifying where they need to improve. They also share with the students learning strategies to making their studying more efficiently in order to create a positive learning experience.  Where necessary they will also liaise with teachers to ensure they get the teaching they need in lessons. 

 Steph Miller Vicky Way
Keaton Wheeler

Steph Miller

Vicky Way

Keaton Wheeler

SENCO and Chaplain

Our School Chaplain offers support and guidance to those of our pupils needing it.  She offers at regular intervals a ‘ Bereavement’ course with the necessary follow up individual sessions as to meet the needs of each individual. 

The SEN/D department also offers a great deal of support to some of our more vulnerable students and offer such support as lunchtime clubs and withdrawal to smaller groups when and where deemed necessary by the school.


Imelda Gaffney

Imelda Gaffney

Attendance, First Aid, and Behaviour

It has well established that children with good attendance (96% or more a year) achieve higher grades.  Every child’s attendance is monitored daily and you will be contacted each morning if your child is not in school and we do not know why.  The Pastoral Hub works closely with students and parents to support students where attendance falls below this standard.

There are first aid facilities in school which will act quickly where medical attention is required.


Gemma Hines  Laura Glass 

Gemma Hines

Laura Glass