Pastoral Team

We pride ourselves on taking care of our students by involving early intervention to maximise students’ development both academically and socially as well as spiritually.

Miss MillerYour child will be looked after in the first instance by their Form Tutor who they will see on a daily basis and then by their Head of Year.

Should your child experience issues typically associated with being an adolescent we have extra support to help them.

We have a Learning Mentor – Ms. Miller (pictured right) [email protected] who provides either a regular weekly meeting, a drop in, – one off chat opportunity or  will be able to signpost students to supportive external agencies. Parents will be kept informed.

Ms Miller also oversees booking in support teams like ‘MIND’ or Mental Health support groups whenever possible and applicable.

We also provide a ‘PEER MENTORS’ service where year 9 and 10 students can volunteer to be trained up as lead mentors to support younger pupils who may be experiencing any social issues at settling at senior school or friendship issues.

We also have a First Aid team which manage the daily minor medical issues of young people. Should your child require to take medicine daily/regularly please contact school immediately and speak to Our Students Services Administrator  Mrs. Amy Fox  (pictured left) [email protected]

We also provide a two day a week Independent Counsellor (Tuesday and Thursday) Mrs. Ayse McKenzie. This works on a referral system and prior appointment. Again, parents are kept involved.

Father MatthewWe also have our School Chaplain Fr. Matthew (pictured left) [email protected] who sees pupils on a referral system via the heads of year or Senior Leadership team. Fr. Matthew’s background was in Social work so he is well qualified along with his pastoral duties to offer support and guidance to those of our pupils needing it.

Fr. Matthew and Ms Miller also offer at regular intervals a ‘ Bereavement’ course with the necessary follow up individual sessions as to meet the needs of each individual.

Mrs I Gaffney Learning SupportOur SEN/D department also offer a great deal of support to some of our more vulnerable students and offer such support as lunchtime clubs and withdrawal to smaller groups when and where deemed necessary by the school. Please contact Mrs. Gaffney (SENCo) (pictured right) [email protected] should you wish to learn more.

For any confidential issue you may wish to contact Mrs. Doherty [email protected] deputy headteacher – Safeguarding Lead and Key Stage 3) or Mrs. Thomas deputy headteacher [email protected] – Key stage 4 or your child’s head of year who quickly gets to know your child.

Here at St Thomas More The Learning Mentor's role is to support students emotionally, socially and academically. 

This can take a number of forms whether it’s a regular one to one chat to outside agencies (where appropriate). We pride ourselves on taking care of our students by involving early intervention to maximise students potential /performance.

We also offer  'Peer Mentors' who are Year 9 and 10 students who have been trained in safeguarding and confidentiality who are also available to support or signpost students who may be struggling. Peer Mentors are available at break times and lunchtimes and can be found in the Library.
Should you have any concerns regarding your child please contact their Head of Year in the first instance. Once a pupil is referred onto the learning mentor, Ms Miller she will then be able to contact parents for follow up advice.

Heads of Year

Mrs F Murphy Long

Mrs F Murphy-Long

Head of Year 7

Mr A McNeilMr A McNeil

Head of Year 8


Mr D ZekiMr D Zeki

Head of Year 9

Miss C Roache

Miss C Roache

Head of Year 10




Mr D Serratt Mr D Sherratt

Head of Year 11