Mission Values, Goals and Objectives

Our Mission

As part of the Catholic Church to support students on their journey of faith, secure in the knowledge of God’s love for them as we strive to ensure that all reach their full potential.

  • The development of each child's full potential in a climate of joy, freedom, respect, challenge, co-operation and celebration.            
  • The preparation of pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives which will contribute to the Common Good.
  • The promotion of a spirit of charity, social justice, global awareness and concern for others leading to practical outreach and partnerships.             
  • A culture of tolerance where people of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished.

Our Vision:

A school community where Gospel Values inform all we do and where educational excellence is our main priority.

  •  To achieve high rates of progress at all stages of pupils’ education
  • To provide an environment where pupils are aspirational, dedicated and strive for the highest levels of achievement
  • To deliver lessons which consistently engage students, meet individual needs and develop higher learning skills
  • To challenge and counter any and all behaviour which creates obstacles to learning for the pupils in our care
  • To model excellence and lead by example
  • To develop a curriculum and learning experiences in all subject areas which achieve our goals
  • Our journey towards excellence:
  • Deliver higher order and challenging activities to all pupils at all stages of their education
  • Ensure pupils are pushed to achieve their best work
  • Equip pupils with the skills and knowledge/understanding to improve
  • Ensure all pupils know exactly where they are in terms of progress and how to improve further

Our Values:

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    “Without confidence and love there can be no true education” St John Bosco