Catholic Life at St Thomas More

St Thomas More Catholic School & Sixth Form College

Part of the Holy Spirit Catholic Multi Academy

Catholic Life at St Thomas More

We exist to serve humanity according to the vision and spirit of the gospel, and, as such, we are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We offer opportunities for a faith response to God. Religious and spiritual formation is integral to the education we provideit is not added to,or separate from, the educational process.

We offer knowledge and love for the Church and the Sacraments as privileged opportunities to meet with Christ. For all pupils, this includes knowledge of the Scriptures, especially the Gospels. In ways appropriate for a school, concrete experiences of Church life are available to all students.


  • A retreat programme
  • School assemblies and Masses
  • Provision of a School Chaplain
  • Focus on helping others
  • Religious and spiritual formation in all classes
  • Collective prayer including the Angelus

Pastoral Care at St Thomas More

Care for the individual is a basic characteristic of education at Saint Thomas more. Our curriculum is centred on the person, rather than the material to be covered and, as such, it is our role to support each child in fulfilling their potential and developing at a pace suited to their individual ability and personality.

We provide an attentive care informed by a knowledge of children as individuals which allows them to flourish and provides support and encouragement when life at home or at school is difficult.

We practice personal development through training of character and will, looking to instil selflessness and concern for others, developing a sense of freedom that respects others and accepts responsibility.

The school implements a fair system of discipline and promotes self-discipline in pupils through application to personal study and recognising the human dignity of others.

In partnership with parents, we aim to create an educational community that places people at its heart, encouraging love and respect for all.


  • Safeguarding is a priority and follows WESB models of best practice
  • Dedicated Heads of Year
  • Dedicated Assistant Head Principal.
  • An extensive programme of Health/Wellbeing activities
  • Two Active Pupil Councils including a dedicated Catholic group - responsibility for pupil voice
  • Two members of staff based in our dedicated Pastoral Hub building.
  • Strong relationships between staff and parents. 

    Values and Ethos